Curse of Strahd

Double Update

In Vallaki the party finds out that there are frequent festivals and the next one is in a few days. Volen decides to purchase a coffin to see if her "undeadness" will fool the wineskin and if she sleeps with it, the wineskin will fill with wine. While there the coffin maker told her to come back after sunset. After Sunset the party returns to gather the coffin meeting the coffin maker and his "assistant" that is a vampire thrall of Strahd.  The party then goes to the church. At the church the party finds out that the bones of a saint that protected the church had been stolen and upon further investigation that they were taken by the coffin maker. The next day, Volen awakes with a full wineskin and the wizard Van Richten in her room. We share information.

The party then leaves and heads to Bonegrinder to free the children there. Upon arrival the party enters and kills one hag within seconds and  nearly kills the second hag seconds later. While the party is looting and trashing the mill Ahndar is approached by the older hag who wants to negotiate a truce. The party returns with plans to confront the coffinmaker the next day.


wanderinpaladin wanderinpaladin

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