Ahndar Silverwind

Noble Half-Elf Warlock


Ahndar, 22 years of age, is a Half-Elf Noble of the Silverwind Family. He is 6’2" in height, with a slender build and golden-blonde hair of medium length. Ahndar wears Noble’s clothes of high fashion, with bright coloring and flamboyant golden trim, as well as an opulent Necklace of gold decorated with a few gems and depicting the crest of the house Silverwind. He carries a simple staff of wood, though it is adorned to match his affluent clothing, and he wears a small crossbow at his waist which rarely sees use. Ahndar favors his elven heritage more than his human half, in both physical appearance and mannerism, it wouldn’t be too hard to mistake him for a full blooded elf at first glance. It is unmistakable, however, that he believes he is the most important person in the room no matter where he is. Ahndar is proud of his family name, but becomes agitated if he believes people attribute his accomplishments to his family name instead of him as an individual. He carries himself with great pride, and is very polite with other people he deems to be above the common-folk (wether it is because of their wealth, name, or position), however he is very hot headed and quick to anger if: his clothes or hands are dirtied, he must stoop to do the work of a commoner, he or his families name is insulted, he is attacked physically, a peon believes they are worthy of his presence, a beggar or low-class person approaches him directly, or someone tells him he cannot have/do something.

He carries the Everfull Snuff Box


Ahndar Silverwind

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