Curse of Strahd

Over the river and through the woods...

Buried the Burgermeister. Traveled with Irena and Issmark to Vallaki. Along the way we crossed the river, twice. We met Madame Eva who gave us The Reading. Came across a gallows and briefly saw Volen's dead body hanging from it for a moment. Saw Bonegrinder, decided to get Irena and Issmark to town then take care of the witches. Decided to cut a day's journey off the trip to town and cut through the woods. We had a pleasant walk through the not scary or dangerous woods, where  we found a small clockwork dancer toy that Volen fixed. At town we met Drasha's father who didn't like us. Volen discovered that when she goes insubstantial that her egg had two blinking red eyes.

Massively Massive Recap from Oct 27th

Fixed the mad woman's door. Heard someone selling pies. Told pies were meth pies made out of children. Witnessed pie "lady" collecting a child as payment. Gathering the party, halfling ranger stole the child while the paladin negotiated purchasing a pie or child. Crone saw the halfling and the paladin "gave chase" bringing back a straw boy in place. Then the paladin takes on the boy as his squire. After dinner the party plus the nobles head to the church to dig the hole for the nobles' father. While there the paladin and barbarian talk to the priest and escort him outside away from his screaming vampire spawn trapped in the basement. After the hole is dug while the party is still in the graveyard Strahd calls to Ireena calling her Tatyana while sending wolves after the party. Wolves are dispatched and Strahd leaves after the march of the dead starts. Upon leaving the church the party agrees to dispatch the vampire in the basement.

Ding level 4

Massively Massive Recap of the Past Four Months
in as few words as possible...

The Mist trapped the party in the Death House where they all died but came back different. Finally escaping after confronting cultist ghosts and choosing not to sacrifice a life, they visit the Blood of the Vine Tavern. BTW, Drasha the Wereraven is traveling with the party. They meet Ismark who asks them to dinner and visit a bathhouse where the new guy Lightfoot is hanging out. Ismark's pop is dead in a coffin when they get to the house for dinner. Oh yeah, he wants help. Strahd, (who laughed at the party way earlier) is after his sister. Time for dinner.

Anyone who makes a better recap gets a special power. I'll help as long as I don't have to write it.

The Demise of Fizzlebottom

Reeling from the death of their companion, the campaign begins in media res as the team takes out the giant wolf spiders that killed Fizzlebottom. The creatures die quickly and the grieving begins. The party recovers the lost treasure of Langley Longfellow and reverently build a funeral pyre for their poor friend. The paladin performs a moving service and the body is consumed by flame. As the time has gotten late, a camp has to be made for the night.

It is a strange night. An ominous fog rolls in. When it clears in the morning, the trees are different. The party awakens to an overcast unfamiliar land. Nearby a road runs east and west.

Bewildered, they follow the road a short way to the east and come to a stationary fog bank crossing the path. Pushing forward, the fog has detrimental effects and some of the team's breathing begins to become labored as their strength starts to wane. They turn back and encounter a skeletal horse and skeletal rider, both clad in chainmail. It drops a book and heads on, paying no heed to the party's attempts to parlay. Following it proved futile as well. Turning back and heading west, strangely, they encounter the rider again. This time it drops a perfume mister and they contact the creature telepathically. All it says is, "Use the items, defeat Strahd". It then rides away.

The heroes walk for hours. Eventually, spying a raven, Xenaphia casts Speak with Animals. The raven turns out to be intelligent and asks to meet them a mile up the road.


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